sicilie 026 by toonkerssemakers2010 on Flickr.Adding this to my Bucket List.

sicilie 026 by toonkerssemakers2010 on Flickr.

Adding this to my Bucket List.

Deliciousness by SharonHayesDotCom on Flickr.mmm Goodness.

Deliciousness by SharonHayesDotCom on Flickr.

mmm Goodness.

With the many Photography Tips and Tricks out there, you’d think one would have to be an expert to take great photographs. However, that’s not the case. In fact, you don’t even need Photoshop to take great images. Some of the coolest Photographs ever taken are from light sources. You’ve seen
Music in it’s own right is very Inspirational. It’s not necessarily the fact that music can be inspirational, but that it is. At least if you get the right music. Today’s post happens to feature a Violinist by the name of Lindsey Stirling. She has amazing music and plenty of talent. On top of that,
4 Things You Shouldn’t Do To Have More Time. One of the biggest complaints that I see on a daily basis is, “I don’t have time to do this or that.” Here’s the problem with most of these claims. Fact is, most people do have the time to do these things. Fact is, that if you don’t have time to


Nokia has stated that the PureView sensor is going to be in more than just the Symbian 808

When Nokia announced that it had managed to squeeze a 41-megapixel sensor into a smartphone, everyone sat up and took notice. And while the Symbian 808 PureView might not be making its way to…